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During your stay in Sabbit surfcamp you will live in a  traditional mentawai house (Uma). The house is located in an idyllic setting among palm trees, banana trees, mangos, papayas .., and less than ten meters from a beach with crystal clear waters and fine white sand. From the shore you can go paddling the famous wave E-bay, or if you prefer, snorkeling along the beautiful coral reef and delight with its different colors and fish that inhabit it.

Our comfortable uma is entirely built with materials obtained from the forest, wood and palm leaf roof. The house has a cozy porch, unique on the island, and is surrounded by lawn which is cared for by Sabbit daily.

We have five rooms: Four doubles and one for four people. All rooms are equipped with mosquito nets, fans, and power supply for 220V. In the back of the house are two bathrooms in two separate bungalows.


Sabbit Menta Wai SurfcampIn the front of the house is the dining room and the room where the camp social life unfolds. It is a cozy space where you can relax a few meters from the sea, with magnificent views. You can enjoy a refreshing nap in a comfortable hammock, train your balance for surfing on slike- line or play paddle, freezbee, chess ... as well as join the locals people in traditional mentawai games.



Barco 1Our boat is powered by two 40 hp motors. Built by local craftsmen, and captained by experienced native Mentawai, aware of all the waves, the secrets spots and navigation conditions of the archipelago. Likewise, the boat is specially designed to navigate under the conditions of this spectacular archipelago, which guarantees quick and safe travel to different spots.

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