• Sabbit Mentawai Surfcamp

    Surfcamp mentawai
    playgrounds area

  • Paisajes de ensueño

    white sand beaches

  • Corales

    thousands of colors

  • Sabbit Mentawai surfcamp

    Perfect waves

  • Paisajes de ensueño

    thousands of coconut trees

  • Surf paradaise

    time to improve your surfing

    we offer personalized video of your surf sessions

  • campamento

    friendly locals

  • Sabbit Mentawai surfcamp

    friends from all over The world

  • Special ancient culture

    Join us in our family

    "And let yourself flow on the island"

  • paisajes de ensueño

    the real mentawai eXperiencie

Live the unique experience of the Sabbit Mentawai surfcamp and enjoy the best surfing while living in paradise.

We are a local surfcamp that results from the union of two Spanish guys with a respected and beloved mentawai  guy:  Sabbit Saleleuski. The surf camp is located south of Siberut, in a small paradise island popularly known as Nyang Nyang (googlemaps: Pulau masokut). It is the best location to stay in Mentawai since we have access to more than 20 waves in record time. Even if conditions do not allow the departure of the boat, we would go to some of the best spots (e-bay, pitstops, beng beng, nipusy, bank vaults) walking from the surfcamp.

To the spectacular E-bay wave,  you'll reach it paddling from the camp, and to set to other classic waves in the playgrounds area we will use our speedboat. Also, you will enjoy the Sabbit Surfcamp experience staying in a traditional mentawai house called in local language "Uma". You will know our customs and traditional food in a relaxed family atmosphere. All of it living on one heavenly setting, unique in the world: Coral reefs, crystal clear water, perfect waves, white sandy beaches ... and extraordinary community of locals who make you see the world through a different perspective. A unique experience with waves that you will never forget...


Join us & live the mentawai Real eXperience


Join us & live the real mentawai eXperience

about us

Sabbit history mentawai surf camp is linked to the Lian Sabbit of the Saleleusik tribe.


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