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Now we can publish the Mentawai 2020 end of season. After months following the news and official communications, studying the options and being attentive to any possible option to travel to Mentawai, honestly we have to say bye to this atypical COVID-19 season and finish this period of uncertainty caused for the actually pandemia situation.

For that reason we,ve closed the surf camp until 2021.

Let’s start thinking at the next season 2021, where we hope that all travel problems are already solved and we can guarantee a safe way to travel avoiding unforeseen events and surprises.

Let’s review what has been happening since the lockdown ended.

June; the Spanish embassy, ​​recommends don´t travel. “In general, travelers are responsible for the eventual consequences of their decision to travel”, what that means,  there is no repatriation or help from the embassy for these travelers.

July; From the Spanish embassy they maintain the same information. Good news, the People are available to to travel in Mentawai fast.

As long as COVID-19 cases are kept under control, the idea is to allow domestic travelers from July 9. International travelers will have to wait until September. Of course, we will surely have to take a test showing that we are negative in COVID-19.

The intention is that Bali reopens to tourism

International on September 11, 2020 as announced by Bali Governor Wayan Koster. According to the official statement, as of July 9, local tourism will be allowed and if the rate of infections is low during the months of July and August, it will be reopened to international tourism.

August; Luxury resorts in the Mentawai area offer to their customers to provide the traveler with the necessary visa and the required tests for about € 1770 + cost of the stay, in total about € 3000 per week. The Spanish embassy maintains the same June statement and the Indonesian government plans to close until finding the vaccine or an immunity system according to Kyodo News

September: The situation does not seem to change much, the information we have about the government measures are socioeconomic measures, movement restrictions, public health measures and social distancing.

In this times ,  there is nothing clear, the information is confusing and varies depending on the island, for that reason  we do not recommend traveling to Mentawai until the situation normalizes , this is our personal thoughts, not an official communication.

Although our way of traveling may have changed forever , the most advisable thing is to do it when it is safe and the information is clear.

That is the reason why we have decided to end the season and we will open the doors again in 2021, hopefully with the new normal to travel safely.


Send us your request for dates and we will help you in any way possible so that you enjoy an incredible experience.

Meanwhile to enjoy our coast, September and October we remind you that they are the High season in both Spain and Portugal, south winds, consistent swells from the west, fewer people on the beach and the Soft board are kept until Easter.

All the best for you and keep surfing!!

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